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  • hopefulgc
    08-11 05:25 PM
    its sept 2007

    Since processing time for Nebraska is 09/08, don't u think people in august get processed?

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  • amitps
    09-08 12:12 AM
    good work Sherman_tribiani, i am watching this group of "highly skilled job stealer� for sometime. they merely talk and do nothing. most of them r scared to do anything. they r scared of u & me. they r not scared when they steal our jobs and we will scare the hell out these ba$tard$ to make them do in their pants before we kick them out. gheen told me about this group and he also said that not to waste my time on these job stealers as they r weak and incapable of doing anything, other than stealing our jobs and outsourcing.

    We know how to do THESE JOBS RIGHT...and SHOW you how to do it effeciently and effectively.....:rolleyes:

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  • helpisontheway
    02-26 12:41 PM
    I don't think you have waited for 6 years after your PD to be able to file for EAD/AOS Benefits... the whole thing is messed up... There are people who filed during July Bulletin Fiasco and there are who could not even though their PDs are before yours. So do you ask them to SHUT UP ?

    Everybody waited for a fair time before they got there EAD's. None of us got the EAD on day one. So don't try to mix all the issues into one.

    I support this initivative.

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  • chanduv23
    09-15 10:37 AM
    Here is the problem

    -- Grass root & state level efforts work only when there are a lot of grass root workers. For example independence struggle in india worked due to grass root efforts. But please try to understand that things are different here --- by definition, we are immigrants, our numbers are limited in this country.

    Simply put, groups working in isolated corners of the country are having no effect on the politicians, because each area has only a few people and the politicians are not seeing the combined effect.

    "Grass root efforts" may sound very trendy, but are actually leading us no where............yes we need it......but at the same time IV has to have a strong leadership who can show their strenght by doing phone / lettere campaigns.

    Well - I agree. What you say is true. In the past - IV leadership came up with campaigns and with plan and then the heat picked up and members started contributing and working hard and thats how all these campaigns are a success to some extent.

    Now when new members are trying to come up with something - I personally feel that IV leadership must either endorse and support and guide or if such new campaigns that are not coming directly from IV core may not be advisable because they may not be the best approach - I think IV core can communicate the concern and intent to not ssupport new campaigns.

    If there is no response - it becomes difficult for people to do anything because most people spring into action ONLY when IV core endorses the effort otherwise members will start campaigns - get no support or very little support and the campaigns will just go wasted.

    On another note - it is always the best to join State chapters and talk to chapter leads and also mobilize people in state chaapter level - itis not easy but works in long run


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  • chanukya
    02-02 07:34 PM
    90000--please post the link.

    90,000 VISAS

    Our contacts in Washington have told us that there is a growing chance of a bill to recapture as many as 90,000 visas. The language of the draft bill that we've seen calls for a full recapture of the unused visas from 2000-04.

    EVERYONE should contact their Congressman and let them know just how important this is.

    posted by Hammond Law Group LLC @ 6:23 PM

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  • ragz4u
    05-11 05:43 AM
    I came to the US in 1998 for a Masters program. After graduating in 1999 December, I took up a job with XXX,in yyy city in Jan 2000.
    XXX applied for a labor cert in July 2001 under EB3 category traditional processing and I am still waiting...there has been no movement in my application at all and it is April 2006 now.

    In Fall 2003, I joined an executive MBA program at University of XXX, YYY city (ranked # zz globally) and completed the program in May 2005. I have not been able to take up any job that I can use any of my two graduate degrees and my MBA is pretty much going waste right now because I can't change jobs. The job description for an MBA job isn't the same as an IT specialist for which my labor cert was filed back in 2001. I got a Marketing Manager position job within XXX in Jan 2006. But I was unable to transfer because of the same reason. I have been told not to search anymore for management jobs because there is no point in getting them unless I get my greencard.


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  • a1b2c3
    12-04 04:42 PM
    Dont you have something called humanity? How are you different from the officer how has done this act? You dont even have a greencard and talking about paying from your pocket?? What would you become when you are citizen here?

    Another Lou Dobbs??

    Shame on you!!

    Easy bro. What humanity are we talking about here? I have no sympathies for illegal immigrants. Here's what I feel. Folks who are already here illegally - give them citizenship after they pay all the taxes they owe.
    For still others who continue to keep coming in, strip them, give them dozen lashes in public, and send them back naked.

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  • ragz4u
    04-12 11:00 AM
    His research (computational fluid dynamics (CFD)) papers are not even submitted because of him not being on Green Card.

    Thanks for sending this to us. This will definitely help our case as an immigrant wants to help the US Governement project with his research and he is thinking about going back to his country


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  • wandmaker
    02-25 10:57 AM
    ya, lets step-up a poll and have everyone vote, as if this is the US congress. And after voting leave it for someone else to work on this and other "brilliant" idea. There needs to be a reality check. This poll doesn't mean anything unless there are enough people to spend time and energy at every level. But ya, lets setup a poll and have everyone vote, it will give everyone a feel good factor that everyone contributed in the advocacy effort, how? by voting in the pool and not doing anything about how everyone votes.


    we need contribution (money) and participation (time and presence) from each and everyone of you to make this work. Long story short, it will just remain as a bulletin post, if everyone remain as keyboard veterans, aka keyboardians

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  • CSPAvictim
    07-17 07:20 PM
    To begin with, Congratulations to every deserving IV member who can now apply for a green card!

    I'd like to thank each and every member of the IV Core Team. Your efforts have changed our lives. Because of you, people won't be scooting off to UK and Canada, some children won't age out, people wouldn't have to get more *ouch!* shots, et al! From skepticism to total admiration is how my perception of IV changed over the past two weeks. You have done justice to the name Immigration Voice. Enough said!

    Like the Core Team repeatedly insists, this is just one of the first few important steps, and there is a lot more to be done. And for that to happen, IV needs contributions. I am not in a position to urge people to contribute. I am a junior member, 20 years old, on an H-4 with no means to work, and not a single bank account yet to my name. However, I wish to pledge the first 500 hundred dollars of savings from my first job after obtaining an EAD to Immigration Voice.

    Go IV!:)


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  • Jitamitra
    09-17 06:21 PM

    Most of the senior members and Admins either have left IV or not able to spend enough time together to plan and organize action plans for the community. This is what I feel we are missing. We are acting alone although we are part of community.

    We need to come together and keep ourselves focussed on common issues related with congress bills, retrogression, IV Agendas and road-map for coming months or years.

    I mostly see pappu from core IV leadership. Where are other folks. If current leaders cannot lead us in the future, we need to find someone who could.

    Again, my intention is not question anyone's hard work, but I am not seeing the same momentum and focus we had year back.

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  • javadeveloper
    07-22 09:52 PM
    Ok, so if I file the i-140/i-485 now and leave the country with a new stamp.

    what do you mean by new stamp ? once you apply for I-485 , you need to wait until you get your I-485 reciept# to leave country.

    Now, if my I-140 is approved after that, and then my i-485 is looked at after that date, will I considered to be in status then, because when they are looking at the AOS application, I have already left and returned to the country??

    I guess you have to get new I-94 and submit that new I-94 to USCIS.

    Or should be in status the day the AOS petition is filed and even if i leave/re-enter the country after that, it does not matter?!

    I am not sure , gurus please answer this question..Let us know if get any info regarding this because I am in simillar situation.


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  • thunderbolt
    11-11 11:14 AM
    Hello guys,
    Sorry for this non-immigration related post. We have this sudden, tragic situation that I wanted all of your advice on. Thank you for your time in reading this long post.

    We had hired an Indian nanny in NJ who, we learnt after hiring her, is here on a tourist visa. We were paying her $350 per week cash, which is the standard rate around here for nannies (incl. citizens and people on GC). We had liked her when we met her in response to an ad on Sulekha, and we thought an Indian nanny would be good for our first child. She has been with us for about 3 months, and we were intermittently not getting a good feeling with her for some reason. We finally bought a small security camera and installed it yesterday. On the very first day with the camera, we came home and saw the recorded video to find that she is violently hitting the baby on two separate occasions. Needless to say, it has shocked, angered and extremely saddened us. I showed the video to a couple of friends and even they say it is unbearable to watch. This was just the first day of recording and it pains us tremendously to think what all may have happened previously.
    She is of course not going to stay with the baby alone anymore, but I want to know what legal options I have to penalize her to the fullest extent, so that she does not do this to anybody else�s small babies. She it seems had come here last year and taken care of someone else�s baby in Hoboken, and I can imagine that their baby also went through this. (This woman and her husband are a ~ 35 year old couple, who have a multiple entry ten year tourist visa; both come here for 6 months every year and work odd jobs like this. They apparently got a (unsponsored) tourist visa after showing a lot of landed property in India).
    I specifically want to know if I will have potential problems if I go to law enforcement about this- regarding have employed her (both of us are on H1B visas). I know we have made mistakes and should have done better due diligence in this, and there cannot be any more punishment for us than seeing our 8 month old � who cannot tell us about it when we come home- being beaten on the tapes. We saw this yesterday and have not told her yet. We want to weigh all options before we proceed, but from today onwards one of us is home all the time till Friday. Any advice or opinion is sincerely appreciated. Thanks for reading this long post. And, to all who are thinking of nannies or have one, please learn from our mistakes and closely monitor your child�s safety every day.

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  • leong
    09-07 11:20 PM
    Nope, they are not taking my jobs but you are. So don't care about them but I do care about what you are doing or going to do.

    Don't feel shy about it. this is the human dark side. People hate competition in nature. As I myself don't hate those posing no threat to my job security. I'm a believer of the evolution theory.. you know, those more intelligent are to win eventually.;) Of course, unless you play dirty... watched million dollar baby?


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  • sent
    12-19 02:28 PM
    I did contribute $100 few minutes ago...

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  • bugsbunny
    12-09 02:39 PM
    So you are a proud person from Maharashtra...seeking to abandon your state and country and seek a life in the US ....and you want illegals to be submitted to torture...and treated worse than criminals who are

    under Arizona law even criminals are not shackled during child-birth
    that was the whole point of the article
    its not about immigration

    ..else, don't say what you don't do.
    Hey, lets do this. Let's get a couple of homeless bums to just move into your house, while you are not there and then have them DEMAND repsect, humanity, food, medical care, clothing and shelter from YOU. ALL in the name of humanity.
    Then let us see what your reaction is.......a homeless US citizen is in no way inferior to you so called "economic refugee".

    Countries have borders and laws for a reason, and each country has the right to protect its borders and uphold the laws. Most of us being of Indian descent, should look into our own house. What is happening to Biharis in Maharashtra...are Biharis not Citizens of India.....we don;t even tolerate people of other states, coming to our state!! and expect US to just keep letting trespassers in?

    The name of this Country is "UNITED STATES of AMERICA"...NOT "FREE_FOR_ALL REFUGEE CAMP"..


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    07-17 08:38 PM
    You guys rock. You have done what seemed like a dream far far heartiest thanks goes out to you guys!

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  • sagittarian
    04-10 02:41 PM

    So ~13000 in the first two days. Mine is going to reach tomorrow. Do I still have a chance ??????

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  • DesiPardesi
    07-17 07:04 PM
    Even though most of other lawyers were skeptical about it. You guys did it.
    I think IV Campaigns, Zoe's response and AILF's lawsuit are three main contributing factors in this success.


    07-10 01:53 PM
    To answer your query,
    Let me start by repeating myself, it is not about EB2 or EB3. We all are EB communities. We didn't design the system, neither we believe ourselves to be superior to EB3. The point is all of us need to work together and help ourselves to change the system. IF EB2 gets some advantage then ultimately it will help EB3 as well.

    It is a simple logic, when the cake gets cut it rolls down to all the people in line. If there is no cake, whats the point of arguing who is ahead in line?

    Please everyone, stop complaining about who is ahead, work together. Instead of complaining do some more constructive, involve more people. lets gather necessary means to file this lawsuit.


    Well said. We see the community fighting with no cake in hand

    EB2 vs EB3
    India, China Vs ROW
    US masters Vs non US deegree

    goes on.

    02-27 02:31 PM
    I am going to take the liberty of putting together an agenda for the conference call, just to make it more productive. I can play scribe for the call.

    The call will be for a maximum of 60 mins, unless someone wants to take it longer than that.

    1. Quick introductions - State your name - GC application stage. - 10 mins
    2. Brainstorming session -- 20 mins
    2. Volunteers who want to be part of the smaller sub-group need to come forward. -- 5 mins
    This is purely to get thoughts/ideas streamlined. Everybody needs to chip in once the action plans are drafted.
    3. Volunteers to exchange contact information. -- 10 mins
    4. Miscellaneous -- 15 mins (if needed)

    Please add more items if you feel they are necessary.

    I will try to scrape all the ideas generated in this thread and will summarize for the call. If anyone wants to post more ideas/comments/suggestions/criticisms, go right ahead and post.