I need a new camera

so pissed. YEAH. I'm still mad and sad. My phone that I usually use for taking photos was stolen. As much as possible I don't want to post something negative here but I have to shout this out especially that it is my fifth time to have something stolen from me. yes 5th damn time! just a reminder that snatchers are everywhere. literally everywhere, they would even dress like they don't look like one. They would wear something decent and elegant, so you have to be very careful and mindful of your things all the time.
Aside from that, my son broke my digicam while he was taking pictures. The LCD isn't functioning anymore that it'll be too costly for me to have it repaired. As they say it'll be better to buy a new one. sigh. It is also my favorite, we have another one but it doesn't take pictures as good as my broken digicam. :(

Anyway, On the lighter note I'm still thankful that nothing bad happened to me. (Alhamdulillah) I'm just praying that it'll be the last. 

now, I have to buy a new one. any suggestions for a good digital camera? the one that is not expensive if there is please. thank you! :)

After Exam Break

I went out with my cousin in-law? honestly, how do you call someone whom is married to your husband's cousin? well anyway I like to refer to her as a good friend, her name is Juhanisa or Joh for short. Since Joh and I are so close in age, we have many of the same interests.  Take it from the fact that we're both young mommies, she also have a boy and girl toddlers.  So I texted her If she could accompany me to go outside after my exam; you know just to relieve some stress and fortunately she said yes. That's what I like about her, she is always available. hahaha. No seriously thank you for always being there.

We went to Greenbelt, Glorietta, SM makati, and Trinoma. yes four malls in one day. 


She wears her veil perfectly.

Whoops blouse/Folded and Hung pants  

Forever 21 belt/ bag from HK/ Cole Vintage Brogues

that's it! I enjoyed the day hoping I passed the exam though. :)


Simple Mehndi Designs For Girls

Simple Mehndi Designs For Girls

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Simple Mehndi Designs For Feet

Simple Mehndi Designs For Feet
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