Cheapy Shoesy

Don't mind the title, just playing with words and I think it does sound funny, doesn't it?  so, hey recently I bought my two definitely the cheapest but nice shoes I ever had. They're cheap because I bought them in Baclaran, despite the horrible MRT experience I had (check it here.) when we went there, I am still happy for the things I bought. It's definitely worth it. haha!

 php 180

look it's denim. php 250

Since I bought them in Baclaran, I wouldn't expect much of the quality. I would probably wear these when I go out that doesn't require much walking. e.g. watch a movie or have merienda. How I wish I could post outfit photos wearing these shoes. Maybe next time! :)

Anyway, Did you know that you could even buy them at lesser price, that is if you buy them in wholesale. Meaning you have to buy at least six pcs. of the same style and color. sayang! pwede na sana if different style and color. But a very good deal for those who have a business. Now, that made me think if I should have one? hhhmmmm.