FIP grad show

Last Thursday, 25th of August, I went to Fashion walk, Greenbelt 5, to witness the FIP's graduation show for the batch 2011. Three of my former classmates from Basic Fashion Design and Basic Pattern Making were part of graduation competition. y'want to know the prize? a trip to Paris. wow! How cool is that? :)

what I wore:

top: the Ramp/ skirt: from a boutique/ leopard scarf/ black wedges

funny my hair look so short here. fyi, I cut my own hair :)

bangles: Coole vintage/ connector rings
just a quick stop at Forever 21. hehe :)

while waiting for the show to start:

free food 

the judges:

Tim Yap

Divine Lee

Renee Salud, Victor Basa, Divine Lee, Tim Yap, and etc.
some runway photos: (all photos taken by me)


designed by my friend, Mara

cool shoes

love the colors and the wedges

there you go. I am now inspired.

btw, three days ago, I was offered to teach college students at the school, where I am currently studying Licensure Exam for Teacher Eligibility Course (LET-EC). It's very flattering that they chose me, but I think I'm not ready yet. Anyway, I still have a week to decide. God, enlighten me. :)