My MRT experience

The other day my sisters-in-law and I went to Baclaran, my second time to go there, the first was like years ago. We decided to go early in the morning around 6 am so that it wouldn't be that hot, unlike during the afternoons. It was Monday, and my first time to ride on a MRT that early. At first I was quite excited because it would be like an adventure for us, since we were all new to buying wholesale stuff at Baclaran. Well my sister-in-law by the way, will open a shop that's why we went there to look for something she could sell. sounds exciting right? and me on a motive of hitching some blouses to add on her business stuff and pay for the wholesale price. great!

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about what happened to us in Baclaran but I'm here to talk about what happened before we arrived Baclaran. The excitement totally dropped zero when we arrived the MRT North station. It was jam-packed with people. The lines are sooo damn long. I got really disappointed because MRT, I thought is a convenient mode of transportation. I felt really bad especially for the people who ride the train everyday like the students who go to school, and the workers who go to the office, and etc. I thought it would really take so much of their time and energy. My experience wasn't only physically stressful but also mentally.

Stressful because of some reasons which I personally observed/experienced during the entire trip:

1. People were pushing one another during the train stop just to get ahead of others, as in pushing that would literally hurt you.
2. And since people were pushing one another, some got really mad like the lady I heard shouting "wala na, hindi na kasya." and another lady, "ano ba, huwag mo ko itulak."
3. Once I got into the train, I felt we were packed like in a can of sardines. It was seriously full and crowded.
4. During the train stop people were rushing to go out of the train, at the same time others wanted to get in. the result? funny squeezed faces esp. the people who were in the middle of those two opposing bodies. sigh. wrong, not funny at all.
5.  A girl sitting right in front of a pregnant woman. (seriously? what are you? please be considerate naman.)
6. I heard some music coming from the two ladies on my left and the other one at my back whom were listening to pop and rock music through their headsets respectively. That's how loud their music or maybe that's how siksikan we were.
7.  I saw lesbian lovers doing PDA. sorry, but I don't think it's appropriate and comfortable for other people to see, including me! or is it just me?
8. It was hard standing that long, I got to sit like we were already at Ayala station. I'm the kind of person who would rather walk than stand for a long time.

So to all the workers and students who ride the MRT everyday, I salute you! you guys are really inspiring because you are all willing to make that sacrifice just to finish school or to make money for living.

To the government, please act for a quick solution for that.

And to all the MRT riders, can you just please learn how to follow basic and simple rules.

*too bad I wasn't able to take photos of it. :(