What is your favorite color?

When people ask me what is my favorite color, I pause. I pause precisely because I don't know what my favorite is. I'm not a person that has a particular favorite especially when it comes to color. well, except from what my family is insisting me that when I was a kid, yellow was my favorite color which honestly, I don't even remember. But okay for the sake of peace and quiet, I accepted it.  I mean it's not that I don't like colors in fact the reason why I don't know it is because they're all great. I love all of them. How can you not love them?  I know a lot of people who have one particular favorite for the most of their lives, and I think it's amazing.

Anywhoo, The only thing I could answer is that I have a choice and it changes from time to time, like a flavor of the month. And right now I'm eyeing the color Marigold. I like it because it is not that loud as a neon yellow/orange and that it has a touch of pastel.


Isn't it nice? Do you think this could be my favorite color? If I pass a year or so with this still as my choice, I'll consider it as my first ever fave(well okay, second considering the yellow from childhood, hehe) and I'll let you guys know. :)