I Heart Paintings

Hello. Wonder why sudden interest aboutpaintings? I know I haven't blogged about my newest venture in life, no it'snot about me trying to be a painter(I wish I have that talent though) It isabout me being a college teacher, yes I am, and the subject I am teaching isHumanities. I hope you’ve read about my blog a month ago about my problem if Ishould accept the teaching job offer. So, I guess the answer is obvious now andthank God I made the right decision. At this moment I am actually making my PowerPointpresentation for my next lecture, which is actually tomorrow, (I hope none of my students will read this.haha!) and the topic is about painting. Despite the fact that I’mreally really short of time, I still can’t help but take a little of what’s left to blogabout these wonderful paintings I am about to show you.

Have fun! :)

by Ashton Knight

Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Alley by the Lake by Leonid Afremor

Oops. sorry about some of the paintings, I can't find the titles and the artists' names. I will fill those in soon. Anywhoo, They're all amazing and beautiful, aren't they?

I hope you enjoyed. consequently, I guess I won't be sleeping tonight. sigh!