This ain't me. This is my mind talking.

This would be just a random post.

Randombecause I don't have any idea what to say, and with that, it will obviouslylead me to different things, no single topic just letting my mind flow as Itype on the keyboard of my laptop. Basically, I'm just bored, so let's seewhere this boredom would take me.

Okay, why don't Ijust arrange my things; I've been wanting to do that since last week, only thatI'm too lazy. want to know why? It is because I don't know where to start, andI'm too lazy to think about it. 

Let me open my fb,and see what's new to the people I know, so 3 days ago was my cousin's firstbirthday, and the pictures clearly tell that they really had fun. She isn’tjust an ordinary baby but a precious one. In fact, her nickname is Precious.It's a long story but believe me, She made everyone really happy. My daughterjust loves her.

So lately, I’ve been struggling with my new eating disorder. Yes,I consider it as a disorder. Actually it’s not new, because I have this sincetime immemorial only that this time it’s becoming worse. The more I want to controlmy diet and not to think about food, the more I want to eat. Does anyone relateto that? Seriously, in my whole life I never tried any kind of diet. I hope Icould start by eating healthy foods. I don’t eat vegetables. I always eat junkfoods. See how unhealthy kind of person I am?  Tsk. Tsk.

My daughter is presently complaining about her neck, and I am nowworried. I am the kind of mommy who wants to have my kids checked by a doctoras soon as possible. So I would definitely schedule her for a check-up tomorrow.For now, I'll call and ask my uncle who is a doctor. It’s always nice tohave a doctor in the family. I am always grateful to him. I remember when I wasa kid I wanted to be a doctor, A dermatologist to be specific. Only I realizedthat I can’t handle all those bloods, sickness, wounds, and etc. It scaresthe hell out of me.

So I guess, This has to stop, because I have a pretty lovely daughter to attend to. I hope she'll be fine. In Shaa Allah.

Bye! :)

This was fun, I should probably do this random thingy more often. You should try too. :)