right away

Last two weeks ago, I was asked to model for a.... I know this will sound funny but I just have to share it with you guys, it's for a... Malunggay oil capsule. yeap, Malunggay or Moringa Oleifera as scientific name for this plant. So anyway, It was so sudden that I couldn't say no. Well this is what happened my boss(our head professor) called me and without my permission first, introduced me to the company owner of this Malunggay thing. This is how my boss introduced me: "Ms.Kat, this is Anna, a college teacher in this school and she'll be the one to model for your product." aaand. I'm like at the back of my mind, huh? what product? what modelling? but of course I didn't want to embarrass my boss in front of her, so instead I just smiled and said "ah yes. hello po." Then she explained to me what to do and what to bring and I got even more surprised when she said that it'll be on the next day. what the! I know I may sound that this is something big, but my concern is, I really don't want to do this and knowing that It'll be tomorrow means no more backing out.

After the company owner left, I felt really like what just happened? I asked my boss and again I just can't get mad at him. He explained to me that he totally forgot it about and told me not to worry because I can do it. My friends/co-teachers were teasing me, and I felt really ashamed. lol! The moment I arrived home, I went straight to my wardrobe to look for something decent I could wear for the next day. The owner said, wear something casual that fits for a teacher/professor look. I tried on some of my usual business outfit, but then I thought it's too ordinary or yet it's because of the thought that it's not new. hahaha. I felt like I should buy something, but I was too tired to go to the mall. I asked my friends if they could accompany me on the next morning, since we will still have time because the photoshoot will start at 1pm, and thank God they said yes. My friends were teasing me the whole time we were at the mall, saying, "Ano kami P.A. mo? sige na nga, basta balato ha." It was fun but we were really in hurry.

So we came up with this look:

What we bought: Blazers from The Ramp, P899; inner hot pink top from Rico Salandanan, P199

My vintage bike necklace; Black jeggings; and Black sandals from Chelsea.

what do you think?

tooo bad I accidentally deleted all the photos during the shoot. :(( but anyways, what's important is I had fun. :))

below is the photo of the product: